About Globe-athon To End Women’s Cancers


One Cause

The mission of the Globeathon is to increase awareness of women’s cancers, address disparities, and transcend barriers (i.e. ethnic, racial, political, geographic, financial, cultural and religious) through educational outreach and global community engagement.

Globe-athon To End Women’s Cancers

Globe-athon is the only international movement focused on the prevention and early detection of all gynecological cancers including uterine (endometrial), cervical, ovarian, vaginal and vulvar. The movement to end women’s cancers is supported by international gynecologists, gynecological oncologists and doctors, as well as gynecological cancer survivors. During its second annual effort, Globe-athon will occur during four weeks in September with hundreds of events and educational seminars throughout the world.

In 2013, participants in over 60 countries and 130 cities made history by walking in solidarity with each other and with millions of women and families affected by gynecologic cancers. Every year, the Globe-athon has grown to include more countries and more awareness events that include walks, runs, music and dance performances, parades, and lectures, with below-the-belt cancer education sessions. To learn more about past events in your city, visit our events page.


We are focused on four main aims in our mission

  1. To create a social media based network of physicians, advocates and patients worldwide supportive of international advocacy
  2. To use this social media based network to organize awareness events
  3. To organize educational activities that focus on promotion, education and performance of screening and prevention strategies tailored to the geographical region of the world.
  4. To use the Globe-athon network to organize gynecologic cancer registries aimed at research and investigative activities conducted by Globe-athon stake-holders.