Globe-athon Logo


There are many things you can do with the Globe-athon logo to help raise awareness about gynecologic cancers and to show your support for the Globe-athon movement to end women’s cancers.

First, download the Globe-athon logo.

Globeathon Logo

Now that you have the logo, there are a number of things you can use it for to show your support for the cause.

  1. Print the logo, stand in front of a monument in your country and take a picture of yourself showing your Globe-athon pride. Then take a moment to go upload your photo to the Globe-athon image gallery.
  2. Place the logo on flyers, posters, handouts- whatever you’d like, to promote the movement in your country.
  3. Use the logo to make t-shirts, coffee mugs, and more.
  4. Give the logo to friends to inspire them to join the Globe-athon movement to end women’s cancer.


We also want to provide community members with a more personal way to convey support for Globe-athon, or to more personally promote events- the “Share Your Story” Sign.

Below the belt cancers are a serious issue, but very few people talk about them. To truly convey the seriousness of GYN cancers, we need to come together as a community and share some personal stories. After all, people relate with people. Your stories will inspire others, and tell the story that gynecologic cancer doesn’t discriminate. Community members wrote their story on the downloadable sign, and shared it on our photos page. Even if events have passed, feel free to download and share a sign of your own!

Share Your Story Sign

Here are some examples to show how members of our community have used the sign to share their story. We can’t wait to see and showcase your story.

NED GYN Oncology vaginal cancer survivor

cancer awarenessG Carlson SGO