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Globe-athon participating countries have hosted a variety of events to raise awareness of gynecological cancers. Join the movement and host an event today!

Why We Walk/Run to End Women’s Cancers

Globe-athon Walks/Runs  to End Women’s Cancers are held globally to raise public awareness of gynecological cancers. In areas of the world where the incidence and mortality are the highest, there are few organized public awareness events aimed at education around screening and prevention of gynecologic cancers. In other developed countries, this event provides multiple advocacy groups with an opportunity for greater collaboration and partnership.

When you participate in a walk, you are supporting Globe-athon’s mission, and your participation influences the level of gynecological cancer awareness in your community.

Take the first step and find a walk/run near you or register to host your own walk.

Local Seminars and Lectures

Local seminars and lectures have been hosted by experts in their field to increase public awareness of screening, prevention, early detection, and treatment of gynecological cancers.

Globe-athon encourages participating countries to host educational lectures and local seminars to spread the word about gynecological cancers.

Film Screenings

No evidence of disease is a documentary about six gynecologic oncologists that form a rock band to raise awareness around women’s cancers. The film has won awards at 2 national film festivals and has been screened in “sold out events” in over 25 metropolitan cities in the U.S. Globe-athon encourages interested countries to consider screening the film. For more details, go to http://www.nedthemovie.com

Other Events

Globe-athon participating countries have hosted music and dance performances as well as gynecological cancer education sessions. Globe-athon encourages countries to tailor an event to meet their cultural needs and the regulations of their country.