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My name is Nneka Scroggins, and I am a DOCS, Daughter of an Ovarian Cancer Survivor. Mommy inspires me to live, love, and laugh, and it is so fitting that I was given the name Nneka, which means mother’s love is best.

Nearly 17 years ago, Mommy was diagnosed with ovarian cancer, and I’d like to share a poem I wrote when she reached her 5-year survival milestone. I now dedicate Mommy’s poem to cancer survivors everywhere.


A journey
A path
A step—we all must take one

Fear—we all must face one

A good cry
A vocal sound
A lonesome tear—we all must shed one

A watchful eye
Answered prayers
A single wish—we all must make one

A survivor makes us all stand taller
A survivor makes us all much stronger
A survivor makes us all live longer

Keep on surviving