//Bringing the Trini touch to Globe-athon

From co-producing remixes for artists like Kanye West and Estelle to spinning on the most influential radio stations in the world, including Hot 97 in New York City, DLife is a DJ with mass appeal.

On September 7th, he helped bring the noise to Globe-athon. With a Trini touch, he spun infectious beats on our Globe-athon float at the West Indian Day Parade in Brooklyn, firing up the crowd to support our international grassroots movement to bring an end to below-the-belt cancers in women.

“There was no thinking about it. There was no second guessing,” he said. “However I could help in getting the message out, even if it means getting up on that truck and telling people you need to get tested, I will do it!”

For more about DLife, check out www.dlifemusic.com and his mix links: