Videos – PSAs


The Globe-athon was truly an international effort, with countries united in their commitment.  Please enjoy these PSAs from our partners around the world!

United States: Best Day of My Life!

                      Alison Hinds: Take Care Down There

                             DJ D Life: Take Care Down There

                      Mikey Mercer: Take Care Down There

                    Sharon Gordon: Take Care Down There

              Carol McIntosh, MD: Take Care Down There

                       Tesha Rose: Take Care Down There

                     Amy Banton: Take Care Down There


Ms. Sheren Tang Supports Globe-athon from Hong Kong: 大家一齊用腳步,為婦科癌症病人踏出燦爛人生!用你嘅汗水,同佢地講:「我撐你!」- 8/15/2014

A Message from the International Space Station

Shannon Miller Supports Globe-athon

Stephanie “Golden Girl” Jaramillo Supports Globe-athon

Globe-athon 全球為妳走」慈善步行2013宣傳短片

No Evidence of Disease (N.E.D.) Supports Globe-athon

Nicole Neumann Supports Globe-athon

The M+M Tenors Support Globe-athon

Globe-athon Antarctica

Dario Lopreite Supports Globe-athon